New Beginnings Tutoring LLC

non-profit organization that has focused its mission on assisting adults at the age of 18 years and older with attaining a high school diploma.

One way that has been beneficial in helping people is motivating them by incentives. That is why New Beginnings offers their students the ability to GET PAID TO GET THEIR OWN DIPLOMA & A FREE LAPTOP which is an opportunity for individuals to use those accumulated funds to apply to the diploma funding process to an accredited adult high school program. As an alternative, New Beginnings offers assistance through a tutor to ensure the completion of their high school diploma. Additionally, upon the completion of attaining the high school diploma, New Beginnings ensures the student is enrolled and prepped for college with the help of Einstein Tutors. All graduates will receive a PROFESSIONAL PHOTO, & A CHANCE TO TELL THEIR STORY in order to assist them on their college journey.

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